Teak Wood

Teak Wood is available at higher prices compared to other solid woods. Teak wood often the material of superyacht flooring and superyacht furniture.

How to ideantify real teak wood :

Fragrance- In the case of teak furniture, you will smell a very light fragrant smell, coming from the wood. It’s an earthy smell, but one that is different from other freshly cut woods.
Teak gets this smell from the oils that are heavily embedded in the wood.
Grains- The most easily identifiable feature can be the grains.
Usually grains are straight but can be used wavy depending upon the sawing pattern.


  • Four Poster Teak Wood Bed

    This amazing Queen Anne style bed which has detailed carved columns constructed from the Strongest Teak wood ( 1 column from one only piece wood ) is available at our London UK and New York USA warehouse. The Queen Anne style Style Four  Poster bedframe is a stylish bed with a beautifully curved twist columns and backpanel. It is a striking masterpiece that would stand out in any bedroom. Its also suitable for butique hotels and airbnb accomadations. We can ship this sophisticated glamour piece of furniture anywhere in the WORLD. Ask us about for shipping charges. Dimensions: Mattress size  194x204cm   USA King Size  IN USA STOCK If you need different size please contact us on 07775933333 via whatsapp or sms  
    £1,599 BUY
    USA Stock
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