Limited Edition

We specialize in custom-build furniture to fit your taste and specifications. We are able to reproduce any discontinued products, hard to find products or those that are no longer available elsewhere. 

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    Tony Montana Chair

    This amazing  Tony Montana chair which upholstered with black faux leather upholstery on gold frame is available at our New York USA warehouse ready to ship. This luxury tall armchair has a design  looks perfect in classic lounge spaces.Its also suitable for offices, music videos , movie prop, clubs and Hotel reception rooms. We can ship this sophisticated glamour piece of furniture anywhere in the USA. Ask us about for shipping charges. Dimensions:90x100x165cmH
    £1,599 BUY
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    Triple Eight Kings Choice Bedframe

    This magnificent bedframe is designed by our team. Our Classic! Delicately hand-carved, solid mahogany bedframe, available in any colour . Additional requirement are always accustomed.. It is also available in gold or silver leaf upon request. Its superb hand-crafted quality will add a touch of elegance to your home   Dimensions: UK Super King size
    £19,999 BUY
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    Ottoman Style Four Poster Bedframe

    One thing that four poster bed’s have in common is their warm, welcoming charm. They all seem to say: “Come, relax and enjoy some quiet time here.” This is exactly what every bedroom has to express. We love Chatelet European four poster bed which is stunning traditional style that is perfect for your master bedroom. Choose the Chatelet European collection to create a warm and inviting space in your bedroom where you can truly relax.   Features: 
    • Crafted from high grade solid mahogany wood with a rich any natural or painted finish, this beautiful collection is sure to make a bold statement.
    • The clean and smooth look of the canopy bed offers a beautiful focal point.
    • Shapely feet at the base complete this simple but spectacular canopy bed.
    £4,500 BUY
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    USA and UK Stock Tudor Bedframe

    This amazing Tudor bed which has chunky heavy twist columns constructed from the Strongest Mahogany wood ( 1 column from one only piece wood ) is available at our London UK and New York USA warehouse to ship WORLDWIDE. The Tudor Style Four  Poster bedframe is a stylish bed with a beautifully curved twist columns and panels. It is a striking masterpiece that would stand out in any bedroom. Its also suitable for butique hotels and airbnb accomadations. We can ship this sophisticated glamour piece of furniture anywhere in the WORLD. Ask us about for shipping charges. Dimensions: Mattress size  181x201cm   UK Super King Size  IN UK STOCK Mattress size  151x201cm   UK  King Size  IN UK STOCK Mattress size  194x204cm   USA King Size  IN USA STOCK Mattress size  154x204cm   USA Queen Size  IN USA STOCK If you need different size please contact us on 07775933333 via whatsapp or sms  
    £3,999 BUY