The Bright (and Dark) Side of Roger Deakins

Would somebody give Roger Deakins an Oscar already? The cinematographer has been wowing us for decades with his vivid, evocative camerawork. His collaborations with the Coen brothers have included the snowy, expansive visuals for “Fargo,” the bleak, modern western feel of “No Country for Old Men” and the period gritty western feel of “True Grit.” There’s his sweeping imagery for Frank Darabont’s “Shawshank Redemption” and the breathtaking, mystical look he brought to Martin Scorsese’s “Kundun.”

Mr. Deakins, 68, received Oscar nominations for those films as well as for several others. Now he has his 14th nomination, this time for the sequel “Blade Runner 2049,” which stars Ryan Gosling as K, an android, or “replicant,” police officer tasked with eliminating renegade replicants. And yet, Mr. Deakins hasn’t received any actual statuettes. Not that winning is everything, and the work does speak for itself, but what does this artist have to do to catch a break?

Perhaps it’s by expanding the world of a cult science-fiction movie into new realms. Here are four visual examples from “Blade Runner 2049” that illustrate his craft, and why he deserves that elusive Oscar.

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